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Brand Story

In an ordinary family living room, a child's innocent playfulness sparked a wondrous idea. Jetter conceived the concept of a machine-washable rug, marking the birth of the AUKOW brand.

AUKOW's rugs are not just products, they are an expression of emotion. They are more than mere decorations—they are a part of home, a symbol of warmth and comfort. Each rug embodies love and respect for the home, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of living spaces while creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

We are committed to helping people reconnect with the embrace of home amidst their busy lives, allowing them to experience its warmth and comfort. Each rug feels like a part of home, bringing warmth and tranquility to every corner.

AUKOW originates from a love for home and is deeply rooted in an understanding of warm emotions. Wherever you are, AUKOW aims to be the first warm sight you encounter upon returning home, serving as your companion at home and truly making you feel its warmth and coziness.

The story continues. We are constantly improving our rugs because we are always listening to our customers' feedback. With each release, we innovate and drive the entire industry forward. We have no intention of stopping.

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Introducing Our Marvelous Washable Rugs

Our mission is clear: we create stunning, machine-washable area rugs,. Yet, there's more to it than meets the eye. Each rug is meticulously crafted to be nonslip, versatile, long-lasting, and resistant to stains. We believe your rug should complement your lifestyle, not dictate it.